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Deals of the Week 02/08/09 – 02/14/09

February 10, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe

Written by Adam22610wolf1

Attention boys and girls! It’s a new week chock full of new deals. For those of you yet to upgrade to a PS3, no need to put off anymore as we’ve found some great bundle deals for you.

Walmart (online only)
PlayStation 3 Gamer’s Choice Bundle includes: $489
-PlayStation 3 80GB
-Your Choice of Two (2) games (newer games)
-Your Choice of Controller (adds 2nd controller)

PlayStation 3 Customer’s Choice Value Bundle Includes: $479
-PlayStation 3 80GB
-Your Choice of Controller (adds 2nd controller)
-Your Choice of Two (2) Games (older games)
-Optional Accessory Choice (PSEye, blu-ray remote) (will increase overall price)

Sony PlayStation 3 Entertainment Bundle Includes: $469
-PlayStation 3 80 GB
-Your choice of Game
-Your choice of Blu-ray movie
-Sony Blu-ray Remote

The PlayStation 3 Starter Bundle Includes: $454
-PlayStation 3 80GB
-Your Choice of Game
-Optional Controller Choice (will increase overall price. PS3 already comes with one controller)

Free Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray remote with the purchase of a PS3 and game
Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection $27.99

Now once you get your brand new PS3 you’re going to need some more games. Here are some good deals:

Blitz 2 $19.99
Call of Duty: World at War $49.99
Tomb Raider Underworld $49.99

Best Buy
Guitar Hero: World tour (game only) $49.99

Now don’t think I would forget you PSP owners out there!

Walmart (online only)
Sony PSP Value Bundle includes: $203
-PlayStation Portable of Your Choice
-Two (2) Games of your Choice (older game)
-Optional Accessory Choice (will increase price)

Sony PSP Gamer Bundle includes: $249
-Sony PSP of your choice
-Two (2) PSP games of your choice (newer game)
-Accessory of Your Choice (will increase price)

Sony PSP Entertainment Bundle includes: $222
-PSP of your Choice
-PSP game of your choice
-UMD movie of your choice
-Accessory of Your Choice (will increase price)

Wipeout Pulse $22.49
Sega Genesis Collection $16.99
Gangs of London $22.19

FIFA Soccer 2009 $29.99