EA Creating Uber Awesome Entertainment Software

May 6, 2009Written by Kyle P.

EA seems to be highly ambitious these days. Recently, EA posted an opening for an Art Director who will be working specifically for EA Los Angeles. Within the job description, a little tidbit has been found :

The Art Director will ultimately lead a team of conceptual designers, character and environment artists and whomever else will bend to their will, to create the coolest piece of entertainment software the world has ever known. Well, at least the best project we’ve ever worked on.

Now, it isn’t unusual for a developer or publisher to claim that their game is the coolest, most innovative game ever created. But, if we are to believe this description, then EA LA’s next game may be a behemoth. EA Los Angeles is best known for their work on 2007’s Medal of Honor: Airborne. What do you guys think they’re working on? Let us know in the comment section below.