First Details of Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island Emerge

May 16, 2009Written by Kyle P.

The first details regardingBurnout Paradise’s newest DLC, Big Surf Island, have emerged.

Big Surf Island is the first Burnout Paradise DLC to introduce a new location within the universe. Additionally, 15 events and 10 freeburn challenges are included. Not only that, but scavengers will be happy to know that Burnout Paradise developer, Criterion, has put 45 hidden Billboards around the locale.

Trophy whores should be happy, as this latest content adds 10 new trophies to the already trophy-packed game. Three of the trophies are silver, with the rest being bronze. Here is the full trophy list :

Silver Trophies :

  • Smash 15 Island Billboards
    Awarded when you smash through your 15th pristine Island Billboard
  • Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges
    Awarded when you successfully complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges.
  • Smash all 45 Island Billboards
    Awarded when you’ve smashed through all 45 Island Billboards

Bronze Trophies:

  • Drive Through 20 Island Smash Gates
    Awarded when you drive through your 20th set of Orange Island Smash Gates
  • Land 5 Island Mega Jumps
    Awarded when you successfully land your 5th Island Mega Jump
  • Jump Through Desse’s Donut
    Successfully land the Island Mega Jump through Deese’s Donut
  • 4.5 Seconds of Crash TV Air Time
    Successfully land the Island Mega Jump from the Crash TV Ski Jump and get at least 4.5 seconds of Air Time
  • Complete a 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park
    Awarded when you complete a continuous 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park
  • Complete your first Island Tour
    Awarded when you successfully complete your first Island Tour
  • Find all Island Events
    Awarded when you find all 15 events on Big Surf Island