PS3 Review – inFamous

May 25, 2009Written by Draisey


Sucker Punch really succeeded in creating a living, breathing, changing world with inhabitants (including the bosses) that are truly three dimensional. As my Karma rank became more and more evil, citizens would start running out of my way, with a few even taking photos like a bunch of tourists. Everything about this game is absolutely enjoyable. The pace is very quick, and the environment is perfectly designed. As Cole’s powers increase, you can start to see the environment from a grander perspective and traverse it much faster. As he becomes more good or more evil, his companions, and the world as a whole, treat him as such.

The production values are high, the graphics are incredible, and the physics interactions are addictive to watch. Though there is some noticeable LOD (level of detail) pop in at times, the framerate stays rock solid during even the most intense combat situations. Sucker Punch has taken the core concepts they established with Sly Cooper on the PS2 and matured them. This is evident in the platforming, more than anything. Cole’s journey is very lengthy, yet never feels overdrawn or misdirected. There’s enough freedom in the story progression that you feel both liberated and comfortable in how you decide to push through the story. The Karma system only serves to enhance this, making every runthrough unique. This is one of the best game releases of the year, and secures Sucker Punch’s reputation as an innovative and incredibly talented development team.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Intense physics and amazing graphics.

Liberating traversal and combat systems.

Redefines what open world games should offer in terms of size and accessibility.

9 out of 10

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