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Savage Moon ‘Waldgeist’ DLC Trophy List

July 18, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


The trophy list for the upcoming Savage Moon “Waldgeist” DLC has been revealed. ┬áSavage Moon, the tower defense game was released on the PlayStation Network early this year.

Luddite Trophy (Bronze) – Awarded for completing any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers without any damage to the base.
Banker Trophy (Bronze) – Awarded to those who display excessive bravery and greed by completing 5 levels with the armor and damage settings at their lowest values.
Insectocyte Juggler (Bronze) – Given to expert strategists able to keep any single Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes or more.
Neophile Trophy (Bronze) – Given to those who complete any 5 levels using only Lasers, Anti-Air Towers, Particle Cannons and Orbital Strike Towers.
Purple Heart (Bronze) – Awarded for completing a level retaining less than 25% health without repairing your base.
Waldgeist Admiral Trophy (Silver) – Awarded for completion of all 6 levels achieving the minimum set scores.
Waldgeist Imoon Trophy (Gold) – Awarded for completion of all 6 levels whilst suffering no damage to the base.