PSN Card Befriends Alexander Hamilton

August 11, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


Ever since PSN cards were released to the masses last year, the cash cards have been internationally sought after as a means of purchasing content off of the PlayStation Store for consumers without credit cards. And with the advent of the PSP Go, demand for these prepaid gift cards are sure to rise.

Thankfully, for the avid gamer in a credit crisis that isn’t interested in dropping $20 to buy a two-dollar track for Rock Band or a 99-cent t-shirt in PlayStation Home, Best Buy is now listing a PSN card in $10 denominations. At only half the price of the cheapest available PSN card, these new $10 cards are sure to be much more enticing for gamers who don’t plan on buying much more than a few peices of DLC along with games like Shatter.

PlayStation LifeStyle will keep updated on the availability of these PSN cards along with any other additional denominations. Who know? Maybe later Benjamin Franklin will be involved. Only, he might offer a few additional Washingtons or Lincolns for buying in bulk.