Sony Making Developers’ Dreams Come True

August 12, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


The PlayStation Network has definitely proved that content is indeed king. With SCEA’s latest incentive for PSN development, the Pub Fund, it would only be logical for SCEE to get in on the action by offering European developers enticing offers to develop for the PSN.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that they will be granting digital developers the chance to win the large sum of £10,000 (equivalent to about $16,500 in the US) in conjunction with Pixel-Lab and Northwest Vision to develop for the PlayStation Network. According to Sony’s Phil Gaskell of XDev Studio Europe:

“It was reassuring to see a commitment of public funding like this from Northwest Vision & Media and it’s clearly helped the teams involved strengthen their skills in many areas. I’m confident we’ll be taking some of the ideas generated through this initiative to market.”

The Get in the Game program is into its second year, and two pitches from the previous year are currently being considered by SCEE. According to Toby Barnes of Pixel-Lab:

“We were really pleased with the final quality of the pitches last year, the teams had made huge leaps in terms of understanding the commissioning process, their audiences, and what was expected of them. We are really looking forward to this year’s new entrants and are expecting the bar to be even higher.”

Personally, we cannot wait to see the pitched projects that have earned so much attention from SCEE, as well as what kind of imaginative, innovative titles come out of the £10,000 grant.