Major LittleBigPlanet Announcement Coming Tomorrow

August 17, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


You’ve seen today’s official announcement of the LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition which will come bundled with over $30 worth of DLC, and beta access to ModNation Racers. So what is coming tomorrow that could possibly top that?

We aren’t sure exactly what is coming tomorrow, but if its bigger news than today’s announcement of ModNation Racers beta access in the GOTY Edition of LBP, then we are bound to be floored by the info.

According to Mark Valledor of the official PS.Blog:

Don’t worry…wait until tomorrow for “bigger” announcement.

Tomorrow is Sony’s GamesCom Press Conference, so expect the announcement during the one-hour long presentation. As what it is, let the speculation begin.

Thanks for the tip TheHater!