Split/Second Looking to Set Precedent in Vehicle Damage

August 17, 2009Written by Kyle P.


Black Rock Studio’s Nick Baynes recently flaunted his studio’s latest game, Split/Second, and claimed that it has the most advanced vehicle damage system ever put into a game. This is a lofty claim, considering Polyphony Digital may be implementing vehicle damage into their next game, Gran Turismo 5.

“We (Black Rock) have a damage system which is more advanced than any other racer to date.

“Cars fully deform based on angle and intensity of collision; body parts swing, crumple and fall off – you can even rip the entire car in two!”

At this year’s E3 convention, Split/Second managed to take home the prestigious “Best Racing Game”. This is the 2nd consecutive “Best Racing Game” award for Black Rock, as they took home the accolade during E3 2008, with their racer, PURE.

“We’re doing something new, and very fresh. Some people who maybe left the genre a while ago will hopefully be tempted back as we’re offering something they won’t have played before in a racing game.

“It sometimes feels like innovation in the genre is always relatively subtle – we’re doing something much bigger than that.”

Split/Second is racing to the PlayStation 3 sometime in early 2010.