Kmart Officially Lists New PS3, Release Date

August 18, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Today is the big day. GamesCom! And it seems retailers are getting ready for something big too, with Kmart quick to announce the presence of this new hardware .

We know what you are thinking. In the past week, so many fake newsletters, catalogues, and flyers have come out, with everyone thinking they were real. However, this time it’s different. If you happen to visit the Kmart online homepage, you’ll most likely stumble upon this.


Wanna click on it? Don’t worry, you can, and it will redirect you to this page, featuring a listing for a “Sony PS3, SLIM PRESELL 2”. What’s even more exciting? The release date, which is 08/24/09 (August 24th 2009). Now, of course this release date could be off, but what retailer puts a specific date like that?


I think it’s safe to call this the second worst kept secret of the year, besides the PSP Go of course.