Official Slim Ads Check Japanese Airwaves into Rehab

August 20, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


When it comes to raising consumer awareness for the their new baby, Sony wastes no time. I don’t know what Sony’s marketing team is on, but whatever it is, I want some.

The commercials highlight Sony’s latest marketing campaign titled “Playface Derby”. Starting September 3rd, and lasting through November 24th, Sony’s “Playface Shooting Caravan” will travel throughout Tokyo and Osaka. It’s mission: medical experimentation capture people’s faces while they play their favorite games. Once uploaded to the website, the videos will be subjected to a public voting system, where one very lucky winner will receive the grand prize of 2.5 million yen’s worth of PSN points. For non-econ majors, that’s roughly $26,500.00 USD. Unfortunately, Sony has no plans to extend this promotion beyond Japanese borders, which proves once and for all that Sony hates everyone else.