Wolfenstein Developer Axed on Release Day

August 20, 2009Written by Draisey

Since forming in July 2008, UK based Endrant Studios has been working in parallel with Raven Software to finish the multiplayer aspect of Wolfenstein, the newest entry in the classic horror FPS series. So it came as a surprise to the team when key members were fired on Tuesday, the same day as the game’s release.

A spokesperson for the (previously) 17-person studio had this to say:

“We have recently completed a development cycle and have regrettably been forced to make adjustments to staff and headcounts. Those affected are valued members of our team who have worked incredibly hard on our latest title. We hope that they land on their feet quickly.”

It’s unfortunate that the people responsible for the cuts felt that employees are expendable at any moment, and we can only hope that others stay wary of development studios that conduct their business this way.