EA Gives Their Take on PS3 Price Cut

August 21, 2009Written by Steven Garcia

It’s no secret that people other than consumers were anticipating a PS3 price cut. Sony’s decision to put out a price cut across all SKUs, as well as introduce the PS3 Slim for just $299, was met with unanimous praise at GamesCom 2009. Now that the dust has settled, publishers such as EA are putting their two cents in on the surprising announcement.

According to the Electronic Arts CEO, John Riccitiello, expressed his approval of  Sony’s decision to reduce the price of the console, stating it was a “great move”. The reason for his delight stems from Sony’s perfect timing.

Considering the holidays are accompanied with tons of great deals in addition to new products from companies begging for attention, overwhelmed consumers find it difficult to keep up. As a result, Riccitiello feels that an August price cut “really stands out”.

Bobby Kotick
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