Heavenly Sword Dev Finds a New Home

August 21, 2009Written by Dan Massi


After the developer’s split from Sony Computer Entertainment after the release of Heavenly Sword, many gamers wondered not only how Ninja Theory was faring, but also whether they would go multiplatform or not. And after two years of silence, we now have an answer courtesy of Ninja Theory themselves.

Scheduled for release in 2010, Ninja Theory’s new multiplatform title will be published by Namco Bandai. Makoto Iwai, executive vice president and CEO at Namco Bandai America, had this to say of the UK-based company.

“Ninja Theory’s first title exemplified their incredible talent and ability to deliver a high-quality, cinematic and captivating gameplay experience. With producers from our North American office working closely with such a strong European development studio, we will be able to create a blockbuster title with strong pan-Western sensibilities and appeal for a global gaming audience.”

Nina Kristensen, co-founder of Ninja Theory, gave some details on their next game, and also some nice words towards her partners at Namco Bandai.

“The support of Namco Bandai combined with the skills and talent we have nurtured over the years means that players are going to be in for a truly deep and memorable experience.”

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