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Hideo Kojima Talks New IPs

August 22, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Hideo Kojima is revered and respected throughout the gaming industry. Gamers look to Kojima for new creations that can live up to the marvel of the MGS series. He has now revealed that he has a few new titles in the pipeline.

While speaking with IGN, Kojima talks about Metal Gear Rising, and other new unannounced titles.

First of all I can name Metal Gear Solid Rising – that’s going to be on the preparation list. Also there’s a new title that we haven’t announced that I’ve wanted to make for a long time – that’s on the list as well. And also a couple of other new titles we’re preparing now.

The one that I said that I’ve been wanting to make – this is a new franchise and a new title. For the other couple of titles, it could be something that you always wanted to have. It could be, or it could be something else. It’s a matter of the timing of when we can get it out.