Headshots & Friendly Fire

August 23, 2009Written by Cameron Teague

Boom!! Head Shot!

  • Optional QTE (Quick Time Events) – The only way I can stand to be in the same room as a QTE, is if I have the option to completely ignore it. Kojima used optional QTE’s in Metal gear Solid 4 to let you see flashbacks Snake was having about the current conversation. If i wanted to go in the next room and get a snack during the cutscene, I could and take my sweet time doing it. If i wanted to pay attention to what was going on in the cutscene, then the flashbacks helped me stay a little more focused on the cutscene. The upcoming game Heavy Rain, takes it a step further and actually gives you an incentive to fail the QTE’s. The incentive being, to see what the hell happens when you do die, or when you don’t prevent little Timmy from falling down that well. After watching Shiva fall to her death a couple dozen times in Resident Evil 5, I think I will really enjoy watching my characters die for not pushing X fast enough.
  • NISA Does DLC – When an NISA published game says that it is going to have DLC, it means it! Between the release of Cross Edge and Disgaea 3, both for the PlayStation 3, we have seen a ton of new content hit the PS Store. Cross Edge currently has 42 pieces of content on the store while Disgaea 3 is following behind closely at 38. These have come in the form of new characters, items, and missions, such as the Raspberyl mission that adds 4 new story chapters and battle maps to Disgaea 3 for 11.99. Most of the DLC is free and the ones you pay for range from .99 cents to 3.99, with the one exception. This is a great way to extend the game and reap back development cost.
  • EA Delivers What Capcom Cannot – A SCARY EXPERIENCE!!! I don’t know when Capcom decided that Resident Evil should be more of an action game but when they did, here came EA to save the day and give us all a great experience while leaving some of us huddled in the corner. With an up to date control scheme, some amazing sound work, and a very nice selection of weapons, Dead Space became a game for the ages and really renewed my love for the genre.
  • PSP “Mini”s – This is what the PSP, and all handhelds, were made for. Remember that the purpose of a handheld is for gaming when your traveling around the city. The amount of time I spend on a bus, or at the DMV is too sporadic for me to get myself immersed into a nice 20 hour RPG. Im much more likely to play a 2D puzzle like Loco Roco, or a 2D action like Patapon. Seeing as how a lot of PSP “mini” developers also happen to be iPhone devs, i am almost guaranteed this will happen. So, you can keep your God of Wars and Gran Turismos on the PS3, and ill stick with my echoshift and Lumines.

Thank you for taking the time to read our little rants, join us next episode when we look at Sequels, Mature Games, and much more.

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