Crash Commando Price Set to Implode

August 25, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Good news for anyone living in the UK who hasn’t yet picked up Crash Commando! The price for this fun side-scrolling multiplayer shooter is set to implode on itself.

Sure, this game is normally about blowing everything up, but from August 27th until September 10th, UK PS3 owners will be able to get this fun title for a mere £3.99, down a whopping 50%. At the original pricepoint this game is recommended, but at the new price it’s practically a steal.

And to coincide with the price drop, the developers are also adding new content for Crash Commando. This includes two new maps to play a brand new game mode, Heist, where you have to collect money, in addition to racking up the kills. Additional trophies are also in the mix.

But it doesn’t stop there – character packs are also coming, sold in pairs: Colonel Chaos & Army Chick, Gangsta Rapper & Reggae Rasta and Nukem Ninja & Maid Mayhem. They come with new taunts to be used in-game. No pricing details on the new content yet, but rest assured. As soon as we know, you will too!