PS3 Slim Spends a Full Week as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller

August 25, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Since its reveal last week at Gamescom, the 120GB PS3 Slim has been the talk of the internet. With a price drop, new form factor, and new logo, the PS3 slim has re-invigorated the PlayStation brand. At the low price of $299, it’s easy to see why sales would skyrocket.

After the new slimmed-down PS3 was announced at Gamescom, shortly thereafter it was announced for pre-order at and instantly shot to the #1 bestseller spot. Now one week later it still holds the crown as Amazon’s #1 bestseller (in Video Games) spot, and has sold so much so, that it’s now showing as it will ship in 1-2 months. That means Amazon’s supply of PS3 slims has already sold out, and they aren’t expecting another shipment for another month or so.


It seems as no one could have estimated exactly how much the demand for the PS3 would increase in such a short time. Not even Sony could properly prepare for the sudden influx of PS3 sales. Lets hope that Sony can replenish the stock, and saturate the retail channel to an adequate level, because if this sales trend continues, the PS3 is going to be a “best seller” for quite a while.