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PSP-4000 Could Be On Its Way

August 26, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Is a 4000 in the works?

Is a 4000 in the works?

Super_Secret, a now famous internet forum user on N4G, had a ton of predictions about the PS3 Slim back before it was officially introduced by Sony, and he was dead-on with basically everything. Looking back on his posts, there is mention of another PlayStation Portable model, the 4000.

From the N4G post which contained so many other accurate facts about the PS3 Slim:

“Who said the 3000 wasn’t being phased out? It will be and sooner than you realise. However, the PSP Go isn’t what’s replacing it. The 4000 is. And yes, it will have a UMD drive.”

What could possibly be added to the current PlayStation Portable line of handhelds? The screen on the 3000 is amazing, and it supports a ton of capacity in the form of Memory Stick Pro Duos. Nothing concrete has yet to slip from Sony, but we don’t expect to see any official news until the PSP Go is well-established and has sold a few million units.