Sony Serious About Keeping PS3 Slim Stock Replenished

August 27, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


With sales topping Amazon’s bestseller list it wasn’t hard to believe that the newly released PS3 Slim was already sold out. Fret not, as Sony is very serious about replenishing the retail stock of PS3 Slim‘s.

When Amazon initially sold out of PS3 Slim‘s the major online retailer had estimated the new console wouldn’t be back in stock for another month or two. Sony knows the massive demand for the PS3 Slim, and doesn’t want to miss out on potential sales, or risk having the buzz associated with the new slimmed down console prematurely fizzled.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, Sony has already replenished Amazon’s stock of the 120GB PS3 Slim, as its listing is now showing the status of “In Stock“.


As with the first shipment of PS3 Slims, this new stock is sure to sell out fast so head on over to now and get your order in immediately.

Thanks to Abdulaziz for the tip!