New Heavy Rain Info Pours In

August 28, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


At E3 2009, developer Quantic Dream announced that Heavy Rain will be released sometime in early 2010. Until recently, all that has been announced for the game is that there will be four main characters with parallel storylines, and that any of them can die at any time in the story. However, a recent interview with game director David Cage adds a completely new twist to the game.

According to the interview, Quantic Dream is looking to add DLC post-release which will allow players to experience prequels and sequels for the main characters.

In the interview, David Cage states:

“It’s a self-contained experience. We won’t release the end of the game as DLC that you need to pay for. The game has all the scenes it’s supposed to have. It’s a complete story, but we are talking with Sony at the moment about having maybe extra downloadable content, maybe with prequels or sequels about the characters. I’m sure people will get attached to some of them and will want to know them even better.”

Developers planning for DLC in advance has been frowned upon by gamers, but it’s hard to deny how great the possibilities are if the DLC contains prequel and sequel stories. Based on gameplay footage and interviews at both E3 and GamesCom, the character depth is astonishing, and extra story content is definitely welcomed with open arms.

And to top of that great announcement, David Cage claims that the designers of Heavy Rain plan to implement online features for the game.

“We’re working on this at the moment, having some content online and different features online, but it won’t be of course multiplayer. It’s a single-player experience.”

With unique Heavy Rain DLC and online features announced, what more can such an impressive game offer? Without a doubt, Heavy Rain is shaping up to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2010.