Heavy Rain Producer Ponders Motion Controls

August 29, 2009Written by Richard Allen


David Cage has contributed some intriguing work to the video game community.  As the founder of Quantic Dream His last game Indigo Prophecy or known as Fahrenheit in the rest of the world was lauded and appraised game. It pushed envelopes and brought “cinematic gameplay” to a new level.  Cage is looking to up the ante with Heavy Rain and he sees motion controls as a good fit.

Unfortunately, motion controls will not be available at launch.  The development utilizing the QTE with the DualShock 3 / SixAxis is already well established.  Cage feels motion controls can break the barrier of a casual experience and would like to use the technology in a more mature manner.

“[Motion sensing technology] may work well with Heavy Rain because Heavy Rain is based on motion already. The way we deal with action sequences, really trying to use the controller as much as possible to make you feel the same moves of your character at the same time. So yeah I feel close to that, at the same time it really depends on how you use it. You can do very different things with motion control. You just need to be careful about how you do things. Do I believe that every single game will be motion control and it’s going to replace regular controllers in the future? No I don’t think so. I think it’s going to work well for certain experiences and people will enjoy some games with that. I don’t think it’s going to overwhelm the market and all games will be like that.”
– David Cage Quantic Dream