GameStop Offers Trade-In for PS3 Slim

August 30, 2009Written by Kishen Patel

Unless one owns the a prestigeous¬†backwards-compatible PlayStation 3 , they probably don’t see much reason in keeping their older generation models now that the sexy new PS3 Slim is out. And though $299 is a far more affordable price point, videogame retailer Gamestop is still determined to help gamers ease the upgrade fee.

User Wollfhunt from the CheapAssGamer forums noticed a flyer at his local Gamestop advertising trade-in value for old PS3s, and even PS2s, in exchange for the PS3 slim. In general, old PS3s (along with everything that came with it) will cut $150 off the price of the slimmer model. A PS2, with two controllers and a memory card, will cut $50 off the price.

We can’t confirm if the two offers can be stacked, or how long the deal will last, but PlayStation LifeStyle will keep an eye out on this lucrative offer.