PS3 Review – Batman Arkham Asylum

September 4, 2009Written by Richard Allen


WayneTech upgrades are available for tools and skills. The batarang has five different forms including remote controlled format. Fighting skills can be boosted with additional abilities awarded for higher combos. Better armor keeps Batman in the fight longer and becomes a necessity in the last acts.

This game never relies on the fact that you are playing Batman, there has been much care given to the Dark Knight franchise by Rocksteady. Arkham Asylum will give  hours of enjoyment and restore faith in developers abilities to deliver a great game using a famous franchise.  When you have completed the single player campaign the true villain of Arkham will be discovered. The Riddler has spread 240 items around Arkham Island, many of them will be overlooked as he taunts you throughout the campaign.  Some are simple to find such as Riddler Trophies, patient interviews, etc. Other riddles require use of your detective scan and others require a proper perspective to reveal.

Without a doubt, Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the best games that has been released this summer.

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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

This is a genuine Batman game.

Production quality is top notch in every way.

Sets a new bar for what a franchise game should be, a great ride from start to finish.

10 out of 10

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