2010 to Take PS3 for a Three Dimensional Spin

September 5, 2009Written by Steven Garcia

ps3-3d-113Motion control is soo 2009. With that said, we know you’ve been wondering when the day would come where you’d be able to experience the same 3D tech that has taken the motion picture industry by storm in the comfort of your own living room. Well my friends, if Sony has their way, that day is just around the corner.

This week during IFA 2009, a Sony representative revealed that a 2010 firmware update will allow all PlayStation3 owners to experience their games in 3D, regardless of which game they’re playing or which brand of the TV they own. However, when contacted, the higher-ups at Sony where quick to correct the IFA rep, stating they are currently “conducting a technological investigation” into whether it’s even possible for a firmware update to achieve 3D implementation of all PS3 titles and that they have “no plan for the market launch of this at this time”.

While that may sound like bad news, it becomes less so when you consider that whenever Sony decides grace us with their 3D presence, you’ll also need to own a TV capable of displaying an image at the ideal minimum speed of 120Hz. When wearing the special 3D glasses, the total Hz output of the TV is divided between both eyes. The TV pictured above, for instance, display it’s image at 200Hz, or 100Hz for each eye. Basically, the greater the Hz, the greater the 3D gaming experience.

Because such TVs aren’t exactly cheap, we don’t expect 3D gaming to suddenly sky rocket into mainstream adoption any time soon, but it’s a promising start. Between this, motion control, and a stunning lineup of upcoming games, we’d say Sony is definitely on the right track to world domination coming out of this generation exponentially better off than when they entered.