Sony Beefs up European Web Initiative

September 6, 2009Written by Richard Allen


One of the historical complaints by Sony fans is the lack of advertising when compared with other platforms. This has been recified recently inFamous recieved quite an advertising blitz including trailers in movie theaters.  It doesn’t appear that PlayStation 3 Slim will be ignored.  There has been quite a bit of advertising in the states and Europe now has a new PlayStation site.

This new site points out all the strengths to the new iteration of the 3 year old platform. The PS3 Slim is centerpiece and surrounded by the systems many abilities.  The European next generation game marketplace is a tight race right now.  The Wii

still dominates but not as strongly as it does elsewhere.  The PS3 is only a few more then a million units from the Xbox 360, which had a year head start.