Why ModNation Racers Chose PS3

September 7, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Ever wonder why a certain title comes exclusively to a console? Is it because of power, price, or userbase? How about the online service? Thankfully, developer United Front Games has discussed why they chose the PS3.

In a nice twist, United Front Games will release ModNation Racers exclusively for PS3 because PlayStation Network is free. Meaning everyone can play the innovative racing title, without paying a monthly or yearly fee.

“As we were coming up with what we were doing and what we wanted to create, we spoke to some different publishers and immediately there was this sort of synergy between us and Sony. And in terms of the hardware, the power of the PS3 and the PSN network being free – that we could make sure that everyone who buys a copy of the game is able to get online for free and then share all this content – were really important for us.”

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