Rumored PS Store Content for 09/10/09 [UPDATE]

September 9, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Since so many more items will be coming to the PS Store today, we’ve provided an updated version of our Weekly Rumored PS Store Content. The EU PS Store will be getting 3 Dynamic Themes, with the WipeOut HD Dynamic theme being free. Also demo’s for Fat Princess, and Katamari Forever will be rolling to the EU PS Store today. Hopefully the US PS Store will also be getting all these goodies.


Interpol [EU, US]

fifa-10 Fifa 10 Demo [EU]

littlebigplanet-create LittleBigPlanet Demo [US, EU, HK, JP]

fat-princess-580x326 Fat Princess Demo [EU, US]

katamari_forever Katamari Forever Demo [EU]

rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • Freezepop – “Get Ready 2 Rokk” *
  • Freezepop – “Less Talk More Rokk” *
  • Freezepop – “Science Genius Girl” *
  • Jonathan Coulton – “Re: Your Brains” *
  • MC Frontalot – “Origin of Species” *
  • Paul & Storm – “Opening Band” *
  • 3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite”
  • AFI – “Miss Murder”
  • Audioslave – “Gasoline”
  • Jackson 5 – “ABC”

guitar-hero-5-cover-image-02 Guitar Hero 5 DLC – Street Sweeper Social Club Track Pack

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