Sony has a Triple-A Trick Up its Sleeve

September 11, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


With the Tokyo Game Show fast approaching, many are wondering what Sony has in store for the PlayStation community. Some have speculated a new Resistance 3 announcement, while other are simply expecting gameplay footage of the big E3 announcements, The Last Guardian and The Agent.

Just when you thought the upcoming line-up for the PlayStation 3 couldn’t possibly be any better, it seems Sony has another title in the works. Su-Cheng Wu, the Project Manager at Sony America, posted the following on his LinkedIn profile:

“Producing character faces for a coming soon AAA FPS PS3 title”

The first FPS games that come to mind are Killzone and Resistance. However, considering that Killzone 2 was just released several months ago. It is likely that this post was in regards to an upcoming Resistance title or a new original game.

At any rate, there is no doubt that Sony has an incredible line-up for the upcoming years, and we at PlayStation LifeStyle will be sure to bring to you any announcements that emerge.