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PSP Go’ing to be Delivered on Release Date

September 18, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Pre-ordering video game related products online usually results in you getting your stuff a few days after the release date. That wont be the case with the PSP Go is now offering “Release-Date Delivery” for the PSP Go, which ensures you will get your shiny new portable on day 1. ┬áThe PSP Go is the Sony’s UMD-less, digital download only version of the highly successful PlayStation Portable, and will retail for $249.99.

Originally my PSP Go was shipping with Next Day Air, and the estimated delivery date was October 5th. Since updating to release date delivery, the estimated date is of course the release date of October 1st.  Release-Date Delivery is cheaper than Next Day, so I get my PSP Go faster, and saved $5 to boot.

This is really a great option for anyone looking to ensure they get a PSP Go on release date. Head on over to Amazon now, pre-order your PSP Go, and select Release-Date Delivery as your shipping option.