Firmware 3.01 Fixes Uncharted, Breaks Others

September 19, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Firmware 3.0 gathered a lot of excitement both before and after release. However, it also managed to cause some problems, which 3.01 was suppose to fix. Unfortunately, 3.01 has seemed to cause more problems.

PS3 gamers have gathered to the official PlayStation forums to report on problems with their games. Though this time with the firmware, it doesn’t seem to zone in on one particular game (3.0 with Uncharted). Instead, it seems to be most games on PS3. And some are reporting with zero problems.

It started with this comment:

It started with the Beatles Rock Band. The next song would begin to load, then the screen would hang up. I can bring up XMB with PS button but eventually have to shut off with button in the back. I let it cool for a few hours thinking perhaps it got too warm. Played 2 songs, happened again. I was afraid I may have a faulty game so I put in Madden 10. It froze while the ball was in the air during kickoff. Anyone else having problems? BTW- 60G launch unit with BD drive replaced by Sony 1 year ago. Updated to 3.01 today. I’m in hell!!!

Out of the three pages of the “PS3 Freezing up constantly after 3.01” thread, many users have been complaining of the firmware update, mostly with freezing. Are you have any problems? Post your comments below.