Valkyria Chronicles Trophies Closer To Reality

September 19, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Valkyria Chronicles, developed by Sega, is quite possibly one of the most underrated titles on the PS3, or even this entire generation of gaming. There has been a lot of talk about the title getting trophies, or the possibility of that occurring.

Aaron Webber recently stopped by the PlayStation Blog and had this to say:

If you do want to see trophies (and I know that’s a lot of you here), then please do keep an eye out. I’d like to organize all of your feedback together so I can show some people here at SEGA just how many fans out there want them. Numbers speak loudest!

The more Valkyria (and DLC) sells, the easier it is for me to push that trophies are a much-needed addition to the game. At the same time, I personally think it can also be said that trophies themselves can boost game sales single-handedly.

Sounds as if this could actually happen if the PS3 owners would support this masterpiece, something gamers have been begging for since this title has been released.