Uncharted 2 Climbs to Top of the Amazon

September 21, 2009Written by Kishen Patel

uncharted 2

There is no doubt that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is set to turn heads in terms of sales numbers and review scores. And while the latter is already underway, Uncharted 2 is beginning to top the charts in sales as well before it’s anticipated release.

According to Amazon.com’s sales charts, Uncharted 2 has reached the number 4 spot in the best sellers list in the ‘Video Games’ category, and the number 1 spot in the ‘PlayStation 3’ category, leaving the popular PS3 Slim in second place.


It is also interesting to note that just yesterday, the action/adventure genre made a 111% jump from number 19 to 9 in the top ten according to Punch Jump. Who knows? Now that it’s in the top five, Uncharted 2 might even make it to number 1 in the ‘Video Game’ category as the hype machine builds.

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