Critter Crunch Barfing on the PSN Soon

September 24, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Capybara Games announced the title Critter Crunch some time ago, and instantly won the hearts of many gamers. Well today not only was the release date was announced, but also the price point.

October 8th is the big day to pick up this title on the PSN. It will retail at a price point of $6.99. So why was this price point chosen? The answer to that is actually quite simple. According to Kris Piotrowski, the Creative Director of Capybara Games had this to say.

(Biggs + Smalls + Critter Crunch) x (October 8th (You – 6.99)) = AWESOME FUN PUZZLE PARTY.

Quite a simple math problem don’t you think?