Uncharted 2 Gets High Appraise from Infinity Ward

September 25, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


As Uncharted 2‘s release date draws closer, it seems that more information supporting the fact that it’s one of the highest-quality titles to date becomes more abundant. Several magazines have already heralded the game calling it the best game on the PlayStation 3, while those in the multi-player beta are giving extremely positive feedback.

Community Relations Manager over at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, has already had a chance to play the game and posted the following on his Twitter account earlier today:

Oh man, @arne360 let me get some time on #UNCHARTED2 singleplayer. Unbelievable! Controls are so smooth. Seriously, you MUST buy this game!

Robert Bowling has been a huge part of the Modern Warfare 2 team, and his high regard for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves says a lot about just how polished the game really is. To say that the game just feels right is an understatement, and it’s really safe to say “you MUST buy this game”.

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play this game already, the open beta for Uncharted 2 begins next week on September 29, 2009.