Fumito Ueda Keen On “ICO Collection”

September 26, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Ever since it was announced that God of War: Collection would feature remastered, trophy enabled, HD versions of the PS2 classics God of War and God of War II, the PlayStation community immediately began wondering if other acclaimed franchises could get the same treatment.

Team ICO‘s Fumito Ueda, creator of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming The Last Guardian, is “all for the idea” of such a collection, adding “he’d like to play the games on the PS3 (as well as on the PSP)”.

While speaking with 1up, at this year’s Tokyo Game Show Ueda was asked if we might see ICO and Shadow of The Colossus re-released on the PS3 in a similar fashion to the upcoming God of War: Collection.

“I always thought they were designed for PS2 and should stay there. But lately, I’ve been thinking it would be nice to provide the games to other platforms to reach more users.”

If the fan support for this “collection” is anything like the response to the God of War III survey earlier this year. Then Sony won’t want to miss the chance to get these great games in the hands of more gamers.

What other remastered PS2 “collections” would you like to see on the PS3? Comment below.