Sony Working Hard to Avoid Shortages

September 26, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


The launch of the new redesigned PlayStation 3 brought with it an enormous surge in sales. However, as predicted before by some, will there be enough to go around? According to Sony, the possibility is not far-fetched at all.

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, has fears of shortages of PS3’s this holiday season:

“If things continue at this pace, it is conceivable that there will be product shortages.”

Fortunately, SCEA has since responded to this worry by assuring that they are doing everything in their power to avoid shortages. According to a SCEA representative:

“We’re working closely with our retail partners to ensure consumer demand is met throughout this holiday across all our major distribution channels.”

While sales are off-the-chart at the moment, we think once the holiday season kicks into top- gear, PS3’s may become hard to come by for the last-minute gift shoppers. Have you already purchased your new PS3? Post your thoughts in the comments below.