Media Molecule PS3 is One of a Kind

September 30, 2009Written by Dan Massi


If you’re thinking right now, “did they miss a colon between Media Molecule and PS3“, no, we did not. PlayStation LifeStyle is specifically talking about a PS3 so dazzling, so incredibly outstanding, artistic, and great, the eyes in your sockets may actually pop. If you’re in love with both Media Molecule and LittleBigPlanet, then this new PS3 design will blow your mind.


Well, maybe the hype was a little overblown, but doesn’t it look fantastic? NowGamer is holding a contest to win this fabulous PS3, and it’s simple to enter. Just answer the question to the following:

Which TV personality narrates the LBP tutorial?

Then what comes next is what happens in all contests: putting down the details. Information such as first/last name, email, telephone number, street address, town, country, and postal code is needed.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!