PS3 Dumps Blu-Ray Content on Your PSP

September 30, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

...not quite!

...not quite!

Digital Copy has been a feature in Blu-Ray movies for quite some time now. It allows users to copy the movie, which is usually pre-formatted on a separate DVD, onto another device such as the PSP or iPod/iPhone. But this required a PC to do the dirty work – until now, that is.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that upcoming Blu-Ray releases will include Digital Copy functionality specifically for the PlayStation 3 directly on the Blu-Ray disc itself. Starting with the upcoming November release of Godzilla, all you will need to do is hook up a PSP to a PS3, insert the movie and begin the copying. The video file that is transferred over to the handheld cannot be played anywhere but on that PSP, however. Also releasing soon with this feature is the movie The Ugly Truth. Great news for movie lovers with PlayStation 3s and Portables!