PlayStation 3 Slim Still Heating up Japan

October 1, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


It has now been 4 weeks since the official worldwide launch of the PlayStation 3 Slim. Sales from the last 3 weeks have been incredibly high, and many have wondered if that trend would continue. However, official data of this past week seems to show that the PlayStation 3 is continuing to sale at an incredibly high rate.

Famitsu has posted the official Japanese hardware sales for the week beginning on September 20th, 2009 and ending on September 27th, 2009. The numbers are as follows:

Nintendo DSi – 66,000
Playstation 3 – 50,000
PSP – 20,000
Nintendo Wii – 13,000
Nintendo DS Lite – 10,000
Xbox 360 – 3,700
Playstation 2 – 3,500

There are 3 very interesting pieces of information to gather from these numbers. For one, the PlayStation 3 has maintained roughly equal sales throughout September, despite what many people would say would be a surge of sales in the beginning with a strong dip afterward. Secondly, the PSP sold well despite the PSP-Go being on the horizon. Lastly, the PlayStation 2 has still somehow managed to sell thousands of console in Japan despite approaching 10 years of age.

The numbers are very impressive, and we will be sure to bring to you the worldwide sales as soon as they are available.