PSPgo Says Hello World

October 4, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Sony’s PSPgo is the console manufacturer’s latest redesign of the PSP, and an attempt at ridding the PSP platform of piracy. Sony set out to prevent hacking and piracy from day one with the PSPgo. This plan is evident with the PSPgo’s built-in battery which was done to fend off the likes of Pandora’s Battery. Just 3 days after the PSPgo’s launch it appears as if hackers have infiltrated the PSPgo’s defenses.

Homebrew developer FreePlay claims to have run unsigned code on the PSPgo. Though the exploit is restricted to user mode, which means custom firmware isn’t possible… yet. Seeing as how fast this first hack has surfaced it’s likely that the PSPgo will eventually run custom firmware. Although we here at PlayStation LifeStyle suggest you purchase your games legitimately.

Check out the video below.