PS3 Called Upon to Save the Day

October 5, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


Despite 2008 being a great year for the PlayStation 3, the Sony Computer Entertainment Division and Sony Corporation as a whole where in the red. While hope for 2009 is not much better, the electronics and entertainment industrial giants have a fall-back.

The advent of the PlayStation 3 was not only a huge risk for the PlayStation brand but also for the entire Japanese company. However, the tides have turned in favor of the black box with the PS3 coming to the rescue. According to Kaz Hirai, chairman executive officer of SCE:

“We think we need to make much of the profitability of the PS3 platform as a whole, including hardware, software and peripherals. We are not in the hardware business but the entertainment business.”

With the CEO of SCE promising to bring back profitability for the division, he has already began to make the right moves by introducing the new PSPgo, PS3 Slim, and cutting the price of the PSP-3000 and PS3. But will the PS3 bring profit for the fiscal year of 2009? Only time will tell.