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Last Guardian Creator Ponders First Person Shooters

October 6, 2009Written by Richard Allen


Fumito Ueda is well known for his eclectic games.  Much of the game play is exploration and discovery. The backdrops are almost ethereal in nature. One might wonder what Fumito Ueda thinks of the adrenaline charged first person shooter, well wonder no longer…

During TGS and filtered by translators Fumito Ueda had a few comments about Valve’s Half Life 2.  He was very impressed with the way the story would be presented outside of cutscenes.

“There was variation in terms locations, and also the way of storytelling in the game. Usually, you have to incorporate storytelling with constraints, but the way they [Half-Life 2 developer Valve] implemented constraints was something different that I enjoyed, compared to other games.”

“Usually, when it comes to the cut-scenes, you can’t really play — [that] operation isn’t really allowed, that kind of game is something that I don’t want to see. If you’re constrained already even before cut-scene, then you’re in cut-scene, then that’s fine. But you’re in the middle of play, in the middle of the game, then all of a sudden you’re in a cut-scene [and] you’re not supposed to operate at all — that’s not the kind of game I want to do. If there is some other techniques that will not give them that kind of feeling, that’s something I want to implement.”

“I have an interest in making first-person games,”

– Fumito Ueda, Team ICO