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PSPgo vs. iPhone/iTouch: Are the Comparisons Warranted

October 6, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Every gamer out there knows the reasoning behind the release of the PSPgo. It is to make the device itself even more portable and appealing to the person on the go. Many have suggested its to capitalize upon the success of Apple’s iPhone/iTouch and the huge success of their App Store. While this may factor into the equation somewhat, it is not enough to warrant the comparisons that I have seen around the web.

Sony would be foolish to not begin making the shift towards the digital distribution route. They are testing the waters to see how successful this thing will be considering they have never released a fully digital gaming device. Since the rumors have already been flying about PlayStation Cloud and the PlayStation 4 being primarily digital download rather than physical games.

The iPhone has been one of the most popular phones out there for some time now regarding the amount of things it can do. It is a phone first, and a gaming handheld second. To be honest it’s not even that good of a gaming handheld. I have both the iPhone and iTouch and while yes it has a couple titles on it that are fun at times, it by no means is my primary gaming device, not even close.

The titles on the App Store are gimmicks for the most part. If you look at the top 50 apps sold it is littered with pointless apps that are either a waste of money or provide about 5 minutes of entertainment. Don’t take any offense to this either, there are phenomenal apps on the store as well, but it’s just that the ones that typically sell the most are some of the most ridiculous ones. They seem to be ones that immature kids would find funny or entertaining.

Sony’s answer to the App Store titles seems to be it’s new PSP Minis that were launched this past Thursday on October 1st. Some of the games that are on the App Store are already appearing as Minis. Hero of Sparta is just one of them.

The PSPgo is a gaming device first and foremost. It’s primary purpose is to play games on it. All of the other features that it has are just icing on the cake. To ridicule the handheld because it doesn’t feature something the iPhone/iTouch does is ridiculous. It’s a PSP at heart, just more portable. I have actually seen people bash it because it doesn’t have phone capabilities. Well if you want to get technical, it does have Skype, but even so. The PSPgo is not a phone, and it stands for PlayStation Portable, not PlayStation Phone.

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