PlayStation’s Success is Important to the Industry

October 7, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


When the PlayStation 3 was released almost 3 years ago, it was almost immediately met with negative media. Since the release, Sony has managed to slowly but surely reclaim the respect that they earned through the last 2 console generations with their respective products. Most surprisingly, during this time of what the media considered “unsuccessful” for the PlayStation 3 and in turn Sony, the market itself has managed to drop along with it. There seems to be a strong relationship between the success of Sony’s PlayStation products and the success of the gaming market itself.

Jack Tretton, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, recently sat down with Forbes and discussed the past, present and future of the PlayStation 3. During the interview, Jack Tretton stated the following:

“We like to say that the environment where PlayStation wins is best for the industry, because we have a brand that can play on a worldwide basis, young and old, male and female, where our competition tends to be relegated to select regions or to select consumer audiences.”

Judging by the market trends, Jack Tretton’s statement actually makes a lot of sense. Both of Sony’s competitors, Nintendo and Microsoft, have niche consoles that have done well but don’t affect as wide of a demographic as the PlayStation brand.With the recent release of the PlayStation 3 Slim, the PlayStation 3 sales have skyrocketed and in turn software sales have also increased significantly. Not only have these sales contributed to PlayStation’s success, but Blu-Ray sales and other forms of HD products have also been improved directly by the increased sales of the PlayStation 3.

Hopefully, the wide success of the PlayStation brand so far this year will pave the way for a brighter future for the gaming industry, electronics industry and entertainment industry as well.