[UPDATE] “Epic” Wii Only Disney Title May Be Going Multiplatform

October 8, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Update: Epic Mickey has been reconfirmed as a Wii exclusive title by Game Informer. Sorry for the confusion.

On the internet lately? Then something may have been a read about a certain Mickey Mouse game, let’s call it, “Epic Mickey”. Anyway, the title was revealed two days ago by Game Informer, when they had publicly shown the new cover for their new issue. However, it was said that Epic Mickey was Wii exclusive … or so we thought.

1UP has reported that all mentions of Wii, Wii exclusively, etc, have been taken down from the November post revealing the Game Informer cover featuring Epic Mickey. This has to make some wonder, “Is it actually Wii exclusive, or is Disney planning a multiplatform release?

I’m sure I am not the only one thinking this would be perfect for a certain PlayStation controller coming next Spring.