Mass Effect 2 Potentially Soars to PS3

October 10, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Mass Effect 2 has been somewhat of a debate over confusion during recent months. BioWare has neither confirmed or denied the existence of a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. Many rumors have also suggested both Mass Effect titles coming to PS3, as EA now owns BioWare. It’s all so very confusing, and it isn’t stopping.

According to a listing on GAME, one of the UK‘s and Australia‘s largest video game retailers, Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3. The listing both shows an unknown publisher and developer, and an expected release date of 10/01/2010 (which would be an obvious placeholder). The listing also has an item code of MASSEFPS3.


What do you think of the listing? Is it just a mistake? Post a comment below!

Thanks to Josh for the tip!