Mass Effect 2 for PS3 is Massively Confusing

October 13, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The debate of whether Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3 is getting rather confusing. First, GAME lists the title for PS3, followed by EA Russia (which were quick to point out that it was a mistake), which was then concluded by a comment by a BioWare rep that was rather cryptic. It doesn’t stop, however.

A keen-eyed member of PlayStation LifeStyle by the name of Morgus was quick to point out something puzzling. By purchasing the PS3 version of Dragon Age: Origins Collectors Edition on, it entitles the user to an unlockable item in Mass Effect 2. Whether this is a copy-and-paste situation is debatable, but it would be thought that a highly-respectable online retailer would be aware of the exclusivity of Mass Effect to Xbox 360, or be quick to fix it.


PlayStation LifeStyle will fill you in on all rumors regarding Mass Effect as they come out.