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October 13, 2009Written by Dan Massi



Critter Crunch was first released back in July of 2008, for the incredibly popular iPhone platform. Capybara Games has now brought the title to the PlayStation Network as of October 8, 2009.

When Critter Crunch for the PlayStation Network was debuted earlier this year, we were immediately smitten with its hand drawn animation and hilarious concept, but is this “critter” really worth crunching into?

The premise for Critter Crunch although very simple, is great fun. The player takes control of a creature known as Biggs. Biggs is a somewhat large, furry creature that feeds on the jewel droppings of other creatures in the game. To get these jewels, the player must feed other smaller critters to larger creatures, and complete a necessary food chain. Biggs uses his massive tongue to suck up creatures, and spit them out at their appropriate hunters. By feeding two of these creatures to their hunters, the hunters will then pop, and give you their precious jewel droppings. Be quick though, as the critters will slowly climb down the vines to get at Biggs.

Collecting jewel droppings gives you more energy into your hunger bar, and when that fills up, the player is done the level. Popping large chains of enemies will get the player more points, and popping a massive chain will get a small Biggs, ready for a feast. The player must run over to the little Biggs, press the O button, and begin puking in it’s mouth. It’s disgustingly cute.


Critter Crunch is possibly one of the most addicting titles on the PlayStation Network. From it’s massive single-player, to it’s fun multiplayer modes, there is no reason to not go back. The first mode, appropriately titled Adventure, has the player going through 22 stages. Each stage is filled with numerous Puzzles, Challenges, and Adventures to take up your sweet time. The single-player mode is good in a sense, that it never does get old, because something new is introduced each time. The second mode is called Puzzle. This mode gives you all the puzzles from the Adventure mode into one nice menu. The goal of the Puzzle mode is easy: to completely rid the board of critters in a certain number of moves. The third mode, titled Challenges, features numerous amounts of different, well, challenges. They usually contain a certain time limit for the player to get rid of all the critters. Survival mode is as simple as it sounds, and that is surviving for as many levels as possible. While Survival mode is not in Adventure mode, both puzzles and challenges are. Since the Adventure mode already has them, the menus used for both Puzzle and Challenges are just shortcuts; to get to them more quickly.

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