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PSPgo Going Cheaper Already

October 13, 2009Written by Marco Antonio


Many gamers have scoffed at the PSPgo, mainly due to its hefty price tag of $249.99 which is just $50 less than a PS3 here in the states. One major online retailer is trying to make that price tag a little bit more bearable.

According to a recent listing from who is now selling the pint-sized PSPgo at a reduced price of $244.99. It’s only $5 off but it’s a start and it’s available with free super saver shipping.

While the PSPgo only debuted earlier this month on October 1st it’s a bit alarming to see a price drop this soon. Amazon’s price dropping practices are not uncommon for the reputable retailer, and they are a dependable source for many online shoppers to find a great deal as they often sell many products below the MSRP.

Whether this price drop was a reaction to other online retailers similarly reducing the PSPgo’s price or a proactive step by Amazon to entice would-be buyers is not entirely known at this point. While a $5 decrease probably isn’t enough to swoon many gamers who remain on the fence about the PSPgo, this price cut may not be substantial enough to get them to buy. However it does offer a slight reprieve from what many have considered a lofty price tag for a system that debuted only $50 less than what a fully functioning PS3 is selling for.